New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020. This was my fifth season. So here we are at Halloween, fashion month is over, and I owe you guys a synopsis.

Let’s begin with why September (and February) is referred to as “fashion month”… When the “Big 4” fashion capitals of the world host their own Fashion Week. It begins with New York, then London, Milan, and Paris. During each week, designers showcase their collections for the season ahead. My goal is to make it to them all one day, but not until I have a legit number of invitations and a schedule that will justify flying across the globe. The New York hustle will not cut it in Paris (or says my pocketbook and husband). But the sportswear that continues to be a trend in NY has me thirsty for the haute couture ensembles that Paris is (and always will be IMHO) known for.

There are two types of “shows” that take place during Fashion Week: Runway shows and presentations. A runway show takes place with (surprise!) a runway. The audience is seated and the entire show last about 10 minutes and can be quite theatrical. Presentations, on the other hand usually take place in a more obscure venue like a bookstore, loft, or boutique. The models are stationed throughout the space and pose as mannequins, with the audience walking around them, taking in a 360 view and snapping photos. Presentations last from 30 minutes to an hour (or longer if a cocktail party is incorporated).

But what else makes fashion week, FASHION WEEK?! Street style, parties, and networking with people who have the same fashion focused obsession. Although most of the events currently take place in Tribecca, all of Manhattan becomes a playground for the fashion lovers of the world. Every corner of the street turns into a stage and photoshoots are happening next to you while you wait for your morning coffee at Starbucks. By now you should have a greater understanding of why I can’t stay away. Here are some shots that I took from people I met there – at Spring Studios, in the street, at our hotel, and reconnections from past seasons…

Now, I’d be remiss to not mention trends, so here’s a snapshot: Athleisure, Monochromatic Palettes, baggy trousers, mom jeans, couletttes, sneakers, mixed prints, wild colors reminiscent of sherbet, vintage pieces mixed with bright modern graphics. As I mentioned before, NYC is trennnndy. NYFW embraces athelisure, and chaos. That being said, I still got to witness the most beautiful collection in person, by Cong Tri. Not familiar with Cong Tri? Perhaps you’re familiar with the iconic yellow gown that Beyonce wore to The Lion King premiere? This Vietnamese designer’s international clientele includes influential celebrities and social icons such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Jacqueline Fernandez. Less and less European designers are coming to NY (they often showcase in London, Paris, and Milan), but Asian designers are on the rise and currently at the forefront of fashion.