Defining your style

Are you all over the place when it’s time to shop for clothing?  Here are a few thoughts to help you define your style and curate a closet that’s all YOU…

Your Brand

It’s who you are and what you’re known for.  You can read books and articles all day long about developing your brand personally, professionally, etc, but we are talking fashion on this blog.  What are you known for wearing?  When you think of your favorite outfits, or what you will be looking for on your next shopping trip, what does that entail?  What does that say about you (aesthetically)?  Decide what that is, and embrace it.

“On trend”

Just because something is on trend does NOT mean that you should wear it.  Find inspiration from current trends and classic staples. When you find items you love, buy more of it. Pick and choose what trends fit your lifestyle.  That sounds ridiculous to even have to mention, right?  But people try to conform to what’s popular, and it ends up looking very random and ultimately uncomfortable.  If Louis Vuitton himself gave me a pair of his Archlight sneakers, I wouldn’t wear them (albeit their current status in fashion).

Evaluate your closet.

Throw out clothing that you don’t like.  Do you wear things to work that you don’t necessarily like?  Items that make you feel “blah”?  Get rid of them.  You don’t need all new clothes.  Buy a few new pieces that can be paired with what you already have.  Don’t be discouraged when you don’t buy new things each season, mix and match, add a pair of leggings under a favorite dress, switch the heels for casual boots (something like this, perhaps?), add a pair of Spanx arm tights to a summer dress, and suddenly you a brand new look for Fall.  These boots, for example, are obviously intended for winter, but I think I’m pulling off this spring look pretty well, don’t you?

Have a couple of go-to outfits.

Ones that you know you love, and you feel 100% comfortable in.  Whether that be a little black dress, or that perfect pair of jeans & top… also know what accessories you love to pair with it.  This will ensure that you never find yourself with “nothing to wear” or going out in something that you experimented with, and then regret as soon as you leave home.  Don’t have time to shop for that wedding?  Have a go-to dress.  If you feel that it looks good on you, it will show.

“Repetition is reputation” – Aliza Licht

Take note of favorites on repeat and buy more of that style/cut/fabric/color palette. Stick with what you love.  Perhaps one would think that I should experiment with athleisure.  It’s super popular right now.  All the fashion bloggers are wearing it. But is it me?  Does it align with my brand?  Nope.

If you like to dress in all gray, but you feel that you should try to switch it up and wear more color, not because you like color, but because you feel that you’re being boring, screw that. Wear gray every damn day and revel in it. Wear gray from head to toe.  Be “extra” about it.

And add a signature touch.  Are you known for your classic black pumps, red lipstick, or one necklace that you wear with everything?  Keep it up.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

I have no idea who coined that phrase but it is more true than anything I’ve ever heard.  Live by it.  That being said, it’s okay to have role models or something to aspire to.  Have goals.  Have goals that are higher than anything you think that you could ever achieve.  That way you’ll never get bored.  And make sure that you dress the part to achieve said goals, making sure to curate the look to your individual style.

Who do you want to be that day?

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  I can honestly say that I’ve looked around the room during a meeting and noticed that I am the only person wearing a statement necklace and stilettos, amongst a sea of suits.  An oxford and black pants (although I do own many of each), just isn’t me.  If an oxford with black pants is you, wear it well.  Starch that shirt, buy it in every color, and make sure to find a brand that fits your body well.  If you are confident, look the part and believe in who you are, or who you believe you should be, others will believe it too.

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