Yellow is certainly on trend this spring/summer season and this feminine little number by Kate Spade NY is a nice reprieve from the winter blacks that I was wearing literally yesterday.  That being said, don’t expect to stop seeing black on my feed.  Actually, dark florals are also on trend this season.  I will share more on that later…

Easter is just a few days away (do you have a dress?), and weekends are sure to begin filling up with brunches, showers, and weddings.  Below are a few of my picks for all of the above.  Some less formal – maybe a Sunday jazz brunch at Watershed in Atlanta… and a few more formal styles, perfect for a spring wedding.  What I love about this dress (other than the color) is the signature Kate Spade bow.  It’s the little details that make it so special (and also look more expensive).  A simple dress with an interesting detail, like a strappy back, a ruffled shoulder, intricate boning, buttons, or just a interesting print really sets it apart from the others.


The nude pump, a quintessential spring shoe that is sure to style perfectly with 75% of the dresses in your closet.  The above is probably the third pair of this exact style that I have owed, and I have another open-toe version arriving today (link below).  I am super rough on my shoes.  I am constantly having the caps replaced on the stilettos, and scuff them like it’s my job.  It makes me so mad.  And so, I really never spend more than $100 on a pair of shoes, with the exception of a solid pair of boots, sure to last for years.  Until I hit the lottery (which is unlikely because I don’t play), you unfortunately won’t find any Jimmy Choo’s in my closet.  Only look-alikes that won’t make me throw up when I scratch them repeatedly on the pavement.  I’m pretty talented when it comes to finding sales on out-of-season shoes.  You have to use your imagination.  But a pink floral slingback in December.  It will cost you twice as much in March.

What are some of your favorite spring trends?  I’m scouting Revolve’s website now and have about 20 different dresses favorited for upcoming events (some linked below).

Happy Easter!



What better to wear with an all black ensemble than a bright red classic peacoat?  I think that an all black look, head to toe, is uber chic and gives off that edgy, yet still feminine vibe.  This slightly off the shoulder sweater is fuzzy and warm, perfect for cold winter days, like this one at New York Fashion Week in February.  Over-the-knee boots paired with a mini-skirt, not only take this look to the next level trend wise, but keep your legs nice and toasty. This classic red peacoat is a closet staple, which I have owned for 10 years!  This style is classic and I believe that everyone should own at least one.  I have several colors which I have acquired over the years and sometimes they take an outfit from okay to over-the-top just like that. ^

Let’s talk more about NYFW… the main venue switched this year from Skylight Clarkson Square to Spring Studios in Tribeca.  Here, you will find street photographers lined up for days shooting some of the most trendy, unique, and outrageous styles.  Looking for outfit inspiration?  No need for invitations to exclusive runway shows (although I would have died to attend the Zimmerman show).  You will find real people, wearing real outfits all around Tribeca.  Everything from top designers (see global influencers like Caroline Daur and Aimee Song) to everyday fashion lovers like you and I… Their styles are real and speak to their individuality.  And do not be shocked to see a Zimmerman floral top paired with vintage distressed Levi’s found a thrift shop.  Nothing is against the rules.  Lydia Hudgens (my photographer for this particular look) is amazing at capturing streetstyle during NYFW.  You can view some of her work here.



Looking for the perfect coat to wear with the quintessential little black dress?  How about a fur?  The one I am wearing here is in fact a vintage mink, but faux furs popped up in showrooms everywhere this winter.

Before you get your panties in a wad over this coat, read the back story here. (Also, I don’t care.)

As we all know, fashion does not always equal function.  However, I spent a lot of time outside in NYC during February Fashion Week and not once was I cold.  Furs are not only uber fashionable, but the warmest thing you could wear.  Whether you like non-traditional colors like pink, purple, or yellow, or you prefer something that resembles the real thing – here are a few of my favorites…  These coats aren’t the same overly shiny, synthetic material that they were years ago.  The quality really blows my mind.  And best of all… they’re timeless pieces, therefore a good investment.  Shop below…


Details on this look here.

Photography by Lydia Hudgens 


how to wear a little black dress in winter

blonde lob haircut and long sleeve black dress

Day 2 at New York Fashion Week was a cold one.  If you’re looking for how to wear a little black dress in winter, I have you covered… I wore this dress by Hunter Bell.  I love the high collar, mid calf length, and fluttery shoulders.  I actually rented this dress from Rent the Runway, but I wish that I owned it.  I have a pro membership with Rent the Runway, which allows me to rent from them frequently without incurring the extra cost of insurance and shipping.  I have had many great, and some not-so-great experiences with this service.  Is there any interest in learning more about RTR?  If so, I’d be happy to write a post all about it… comment below.

We stopped at the NOMO SOHO for Bloody Marys before heading to the Stewart Hotel to see Rocky Boston‘s runway show, hosted by Fashion Gallery.  These shoes are not made for walking, I’ll tell you that.  Normal wear around a hotel, a show, a party, yes.  But walking city blocks, no.  You should consider keeping a pair of flats in your purse and switch your shoes when you reach your destination.  I learned that lesson during September Fashion Week.  I will say that these boots are warm and the added height, gold buckle and zipper add a little extra “umph” to any outfit that you would pair black booties with. Similar styles linked below…

Add some chunky gold jewelry and a grey leather bag with chain-link strap and gold hardware, and you just took a simple black dress to the next level.

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Details on NYFW, Day 1, Look 1 here.

photography by Lydia Hudgens