Moody Spring Florals

Looking for a dress to wear to a wedding, date night or cocktail party this spring?  I am loving the dark moody blooms you will find on an array of prints this year.  “Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.”  Comment below if you know what book/movie character said that…  I do like to switch it up a little bit though, while sticking with a classic theme.  Enter: dark floral prints.

If you’re not all about pastels and the traditionally bright, happy prints this time of year, this look is for you (if you are looking for something in a sunny hue, this look may be for you).  Spring is notorious for weddings, and this particular dress would be a perfect choice that could easily go from day to night.  The black background and deep berry hues really help those lighter blooms to pop.  Tell me that you wouldn’t be drawn to this dress if you saw someone wearing it at the next spring/midsummer night’s wedding?  I certainly would.

I paired it with a classic emerald and diamond pendant, but you could go another direction and add a chunky statement necklace, perhaps in black or deep berry (suggestions linked below).  I think it depends on how formal you want to style it.  For the purse, a pastel pink clutch by Kate Spade brought the look together quite nicely.

The Spring 2018 Runways were lined with dark florals and retro inspired prints. What a nice reprieve from all the flannel this winter, am I right? Also, a perfect way for those who love to wear black to embrace a fresh spring look.  These prints will also translate well to Fall with the addition of layers, tights, and jackets.  There’s your excuse to invest in one or more… yay!  Below are some of my picks.  Cheers to love (and open bar)!

Photos by KVC Photography


Birthday Party Favors


If you search “birthday party ideas” on Pinterest, it will no doubtingly yield thousands of pins of children’s themed birthday parties.  But what if you’re planning a birthday party for an adult, or (gasp!) yourself?  I think that adult parties should be equally as celebrated.  After all, we definitely appreciate them more.

My birthday was last week.  I turned 34 (I know, I know, unbelievable, right?).  Planning a party, or one for yourself for that matter, is as easy as cake.  First, are you throwing the party at your house or simply arranging an evening out?  If at your house, we can get into the weeds very quickly here…  it all depends on how big you’re willing to go.  My mother-in-law, for example, turned 70 two years ago and we threw her a fall themed celebration fit for a birthday queen.  That’s another post all together… trust me, you’ll want to see that one.  But for my 34th, it was a simple dinner out at The Southern Gentleman.

What about “goody bags”, or party favors?  Again, the kids just don’t appreciate it as much as we do!  Since my birthday was during Easter weekend, I chose to incorporate a little touch of Easter.  I found these cute little gift bags at TJ Maxx.  They measure 5″ x 6″.  Next, I filled them with booze.  What did you expect?  Candy and stickers?  I bought miniature bottles of sweet tea and peach vodkas, again, to keep with the southern theme.  Also, a pack of Pedialyte – at the ripe old age of 34, I need all the hydration I can get. I get a hangover from a glass of wine now.  Top it off with some Easter basket grass (or colored tissue paper if any other season), and voila!

When hosting your party at home, you don’t need to spend a fortune, or do a lot of work… host a wine and cheese night.  You can put together a simple cheese and charcuterie board, pick up a few bottles of wine, and make sure there’s cake.  Thanks, Trader Joes (this post is not in any way promoting “Two Buck Chuck”.  If you bring that to my party, you are no friend of mine).  Here are some ideas for putting together your own “goody bags” for the next birthday party that you host – whether it be for a loved one or yourself.

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