Hello, September.

September (yes, I realize that we are officially a week in)…  September- for me– is a transitional month.  It is our gateway to Fall.  Atlanta, of course it is still hotter than hell on most days, but early mornings and some nights you can feel it creepin’.  This past Saturday was the first (Saturday) College Football game of the season.  Although I am not a fan by any means, I can appreciate the parties (thank you, Madeline!), the excitement that I see in my husband’s eyes (like a kid on Christmas), and the premature pumpkin spice everyyyything that comes with it.  That’s all the good things that I have to say about that.  Now, the countdown begins… until football season is over (151 more days).  Kiss your husbands goodbye for now.

At least we have “The September Issue”!

vogue1.jpgThis is the biggest, more important issue of the year.  September signifies a shift in our wardrobes.  I would argue that Fall fashion is the best fashion.  Scarves, boots, layers, a new, rich color palette, even your nails change their mood… You can switch from colors like “Cajun Shrimp” to “Lincoln Park After Dark”.  And this year- expect to see velvet everything.  Like anything else, so many 90s trends are returning/have returned.  I will embrace the velvet, but I refuse to wear those chunky block heels that I had in middle school, no matter how much the gurus try to tell us it’s cool.

September also feeds our souls with a little something called FASHION WEEK.  New York Fashion Week will officially commence tomorrow!  I should be there volunteering but unfortunately, I have not yet fulfilled my R.H.O.A. dreams, so alas, I will working my day job.  Next year, people.  NEXT YEAR.  In the meantime, I will be watching the shows online, and you can too.  You may view live streams here:  http://newyorkfashionweeklive.com

You’re welcome.


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